About PacTag service

PacTag aims to help entrepreneurs and consumers quickly and efficiently share information about the quality of products and services, as well as provide additional automation services for consumers. Interaction with the customer is the most important aspect in any business and we make great efforts to make this process as simple and convenient as possible. The technologies that we offer to use up to the present time were only available to large companies and presuppose automation costs. Our service will allow you in the shortest time to do what others spent millions and months of work. Your customers will receive a convenient interaction tool and additional information about your products and services.

The technology of interaction based on use of QR code tags for flexible configuration of the functions witch will be available to your clients. You define in the system features that client receives when reading tags . It can be evaluation of your product or service, collection of feedback or evenmessaging with a client. A client using a mobile phone and any QR code scanner can completely interact with you in a new way, and you get all the reports, statistics and truly unique service. You can also use the service to organize loyalty programs, provide discounts to customers and much more.

We are constantly improving our service and adding new features. If you have interesting ideas or would like to use the service in your business, but did not find the required functions, please contact us.