Frequently asked questions

Can I use one tag for different products or services?

You can use one tag for a group of products or even for all of your company's products or services. However, it should be borne in mind that the statistics and reviews you receive may not allow you to uniquely determine what they are and interact with the client will be more difficult. We recommend using individual tags that represent a particular product or service.

How many tags I can create in the system?

Currently, you can create any number of tags.

Can I receive SMS notifications about tag actions?

Notifications by SMS are unfortunately not available for free use of the system. This is due to the fact that there are direct costs for adding short messages. You can receive these notifications by signing a contract and becoming our client.

Is it possible to automatically create labels and interact with the service by API?

There is such a possibility. Due to the specifics of each company's processes, we individually approach the issue of integration and interaction through the API and are ready to implement it in accordance with your requirements. The function of interaction with the service through the API is also available only to our customers.

How can I add the logo of my company to the tag?

You need to prepare the image in jpeg format and load it in the new label wizard or label settings.

How do I remove or disable a tag?

We do not recommend deleting or deactivating tags that you have already placed on your products or customer service locations. In this case, the client will receive a message stating that the label is no longer active and will not be able to use it. However, such an option is available to you on the label management page.

Is there any comments moderation?

All comments and materials are checked by the moderator. Comments and materials that are not passed are immediately deleted.