Terms of use

These Terms and Conditions determine the conditions for the free use of the PacTag service (hereinafter the Service) provided by DATA-ROOMS LLC (hereinafter the Company). Registration on the site and use of the service mean acceptance of these rules by the User. In case of providing the service on a contract basis, the relationship between the parties is governed by a contract that has the supreme legal force over these rules.

These rules can be changed by the administration of the site without prior notice to users. A new version of the rules is published on the website www.pactag.com. Users who do not accept the terms of these rules or changes to them must stop using the service.

Service PacTag is an automated platform aimed at improving the quality of relationships between manufacturers and suppliers of products and services with their customers through interaction using the platform. The functionality of the service includes, but is not limited to, the ability for customers to evaluate, comment, and also send messages to registered suppliers and manufacturers of goods and services. The purpose of this interaction is exclusively to inform manufacturers and suppliers about the experience that customers receive in the course of using goods and services.

Service PacTag and the Company are not suppliers of goods and services and bear no responsibility for their quality and other characteristics. Information provided by suppliers of goods and services is not checked by the site administration for reliability, as well as information about the suppliers themselves provided by them.

The list and types of goods and services information about which is STRONGLY prohibited to post on the Service:
  • Description, methods of reproduction of drugs or narcotic substances, steroids, substances subject to control and restrictions, or other products that pose a risk to consumer safety.
  • Description, methods of reproduction of goods with restrictions in use (for example, explosives, radioactive materials, toxic substances, fireworks, freon, etc.)
  • Goods and services that encourage illegal activities or incite others to engage in illegal activities.
  • Lists for spamming, data for accessing accounts in e-mail systems, social networks, telephone networks, message delivery services, as well as any information containing personal data.
  • Stolen digital and virtual goods, as well as ways to access electronic systems, multiplayer games, including service access codes and special programs to circumvent software protection.
  • Offensive materials (for example, goods and services that offend morality, materials that offend ethnically or racially, preach violence, ethnic enmity, hatred, racism, offensive and abusive language and insults).
  • Prohibited services and products that promote hatred, violence, racial intolerance or economic gain from criminal activities, including illegal sexual services, and services that negatively affect the image of the Service.
  • Illegal audio and video recording.
  • Services that do not have consumer value, begging.
  • Pornography, child pornography, perversion, escort services or prostitution.
  • Multilevel marketing, financial pyramids and matrices, business packages.
  • Other materials prohibited for publication and distribution under the laws.
All materials posted on the Service are moderated. The site administration reserves the right to remove any information from the Service that is prohibited by law or adversely affecting the image of the Service, as well as to block or delete the User Account.

The use of the service can not mean the appearance of the Company's financial responsibility to users as a result of incurring any kind of losses or lost profit.
In case of free use:
  • The company does not provide any guarantees on the quality of the service, its availability and other characteristics, including functionality, possible errors in the operation of the software, etc.
  • The company does not provide technical support services and any types of advice to users and customers of the Service.