Tag API client

The PacTag service allows you to integrate corporate applications in a two-way data exchange mode. To ensure interaction with client information systems, the Tag API client mechanism is used. To implement two-way interaction on the client side, a request processing service from PacTag applications must be implemented. To simplify the integration work, you can use the ready-made Tag API Client application, which is available in this section. The C # source code project is also available for download and free modification, which you can adapt based on your needs.

The Tag API client implements an http server, which you can run on any computer with Windows OS that has access to the Internet and a public IP address. For the client to work, you must specify the IP address and port on which incoming connections will be accepted. The same settings should be specified on the "API Settings" page in your account.

To protect the client from sending random requests, Token is used, which is set in your account settings. Same Token should be used as a parameter when running the Tag API client.

As parameters, it is also necessary to specify whether the client should create incoming request files in the current directory. If you indicate such a need - the client for each request from the PacTag server will form a file with the contents of the request. In the simplest version, you can take a ready-compiled TagApiClient and implement the processing of these files with loading data into your information system.

[Pre-compiled TagApiClient for Win32]
[Source code project on C# language]